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Too good to leave too bad to stay? 
Be the one who isn't afraid to look deep, and lead your relationship with clarity

SEVEN easy self-guided  worksheet sessions
Create a breakthrough in a day (or at your own pace!) ... and it's $1 (until next Wednesday, then back to $11)

And get an invitation to a  free private support group on Facebook ! 
  • transform helplesness into powerful and clear action

  • understand the pattern in your relationship and interrupt it

  • uncover one core belief that creates majority of problems in your life and relationship

  • stop endless arguments and start creating the kind of relationship you want

We choose certain relationship patterns because they give us hope to reconcile our past. The problem is that we bring the mindset that was created by the past into these relationships. We react, instead of creating. As Albert Einstein famously pointed out: “You cannot solve the problem with the same thinking that created it.” The same “thinking” that created dysfunctions in your family of origin didn’t just hurt you then, it taught you how to think about YOURSELF. These thoughts about who you are buried in your subconscious mind. They drive and create your relationship life from behind the scenes. There is a way to identify them, let them go, and watch your relationship transform. This is where Identity Work comes in. It is effective in any area of life, but it is very powerful in relationships. I created this collection of 7 short worksheets to make this work accessible to people in important relationships with an impasse. Relationships where the partners say: "I love you, but in order for me to stay with you, you/things have to change." 

If you feel like your partner has the power to change your relationship, but you feel helpless because you can't do their work for them, you are in the right place. You are holding on to a set of beliefs and assumptions that aren't allowing you to get out of the cycle that continues repeating. This workbook with help you uncover these beliefs and let them go. As a result, you will feel empowered, and clear and your relationship (or relationships!) will be fulfilling and healthy. 

When you break the pattern in a relationship, it doesn't just affect the relationship you are currently in. It affects every relationship you have going forward. The most important of all, is your relationship with yourself. You have an opportunity to become the catalyst of change in your world. 

Below is the second page of the workbook, and there are 28 more! Take your time and do it over a few days or go through the whole process in one day. One thing I know is that you will gain insight, and only pay $1 (until next Wednesday, then, still only $11) over $500, $600, $700 of expensive therapy. 
Why am I "giving it away"? Simply, because I don't want you to wait anymore to get clear and strong in your relationship. You will be much happier and you'll thank me later :) 


Once you download the workbook, you will get an invitation to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions about Identity Work and get help on your journey. Membership is absolutely free but limited to people who have bought Anya's book or workbooks.

30-day, no questons asked

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