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DALL·E 2023-10-13 22.19.14 - joyful digital art painting of people standing in a circle an
DALL·E 2023-10-13 22.19.14 - joyful digital art painting of people standing in a circle an

Welcome to I AM Learning Circle

Thank you for learning and supporting my

"Hello, I'm Anya Lincoln (though if you're here, you probably already know that). I'm passionate about bringing clarity to spiritual matters and helping people lead their happiest, most creative lives. 

I am developing a library of helpful videos that help people understand how to be happy and create their lives from the inside-out. I recently decided to make these videos public. However, if you decided to become a member to support my work, you will get access to some exclusive content and a private Facebook Group. 


Table of Contents: 

Manifestation/Creating What You Want

Introduction Video: Manifestation is about engaging the whole system. Action and energy. 

What else do you want? (Sometimes we get so focused on "one big thing" that we abandon the rest of our life and our energy becomes stagnant).

My ideal life PDF journaling exercise (SUBSCRIBERS).

All systems go! Start doing things that will have a ripple effect in your life. 

The energy of "Insisting". How to get into an internal position of being firmly planted in what you want.

The importance of "ridiculous requests". Sometimes we don't know that what we want is right in front of us unless we ask for what feels outlandish or too big.

Go as far as you "unreasonably can." How to "walk in faith" when you are creating something unlikely

Your mind may think it's not a fit, but what if I already manifested exactly what I want? Learning how not to trust the immediate judgment of the mind and becoming open.

Shifting into "I am creating this" (owning the whole process like a chef owns creating the dish out of a recipe)

Keeping your desire "independent." Knowing/getting anchored in the reality of your desire even when there is no evidence or support for it. 

How to "let go" of your desire (give it over to the universe). Understanding this more clearly will make this important step easy

Essence of Desire Manifesting Tips PDF (in the body of the playlist) (SUBSCRIBERS)

Powerful Essence of Desire Meditation. Get to the core energy of your desire that already exists in you. You can anchor yourself in this energy to become the driving "force" of your desire coming to life from the inside out. (in the body of the playlist) SUBSCRIBERS

Letting Go Of Desire (Attachment to the future image of your desire and finding it in the NOW) PDF Journal Prompts. SUBSCRIBERS 



Helping Other People/Healing Others

Group Coaching Call Recordings(SUBSCRIBERS)

Webinar recordings

November 12 th
November 30th
December 16th (mini webinar about helping others in the beginning)
January 27th (can I trust a good feeling? steps to handling triggers in the moment)

What questions do you have? What lessons would you like to see? Everybody helps contribute to this library and new material is added every week.

Support my work, and get access to a private Facebook Group and exclusive material as a "thank you."

You will be emailed an invitation to the private Facebook Group separately

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