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Allow your heart to love what it loves

Love really is the way.

I have always found that the path, the real path with all the necessary resources, lessons and opportunities, is always behind the door of what your heart genuinely wants to love.

I know that many people get hurt by love. I certainly did as well - until I figured out that it isn’t love that hurts. Love just exposes the separation that we are still holding on to. And when this light of love shines on a dark spot of fear and misunderstanding, there is a fork in the road. And this fork is the other crucial component that makes love actually make sense (instead of being delegated to the corner of “things in life that make us suffer unnecessarily”).

The fork is between the path of reaction/ betraying ourselves and grounding/ integrity. Yes, integrity is another word for love, but it is now a kind of love when the mind gets to join game. It has to make a choice between giving into fear and reaction, or staying still and grounded, even when the situation in front of it looks very scary.

Integrity is simple to understand (not so easy to do) especially when its about love. Not being in integrity is basically doing what you don’t want to do, to get what you think you don’t have. Forcing yourself to betray some small part of you in exchange for something from the outside. Reassurance, feeling of being wanted, connection, etc.

Something magical happens when your heart is in love and your mind is in integrity. Your whole being starts working in sync and you begin the actual journey of liberating yourself from what is holding you back, instead of going in circles.


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