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Every person is a center of their own reality

I know spiders aren’t the world’s favorite insect but their webs do provide a good visual representation of how the world works. (Visual only…we don’t have to go into trapped flies, predatory behavior etc. ☺️🕷🕸).

The way I see it, is that we are the centers of our own organized system — reality — within a larger shared system that is also our reality but includes, on a level of this world, other points of consciousness, other humans that each have their own web.

The way to create change is to understand this concept.

Without this understanding we unconsciously lapse into trying to change other people instead of initiating change from our core. We stay mired in connections to the shared reality that doesn’t work in hopes that our presence in it will make a difference. Noble suffering.

This happens because we think we actually have anything to do with controlling what another human being chooses to include into their “web”. We think we are the center or their universe. (Not to be mistaken with being the actual center of the universe 😎🤓)

It’s not a bad or a cocky thought when it occurs in our subconscious. It’s kind, it’s the way it is. How else can you change your mothers feelings if you don’t have some control? How else you may learn to expect that your addicted father will change because you’ve been a brilliant little girl? You take on this false sense control so you can do good things - at least in the world where everyone thinks the change comes from out there and not in here. 🕸❤️

If you find yourself in their web, please remember you are only there to play the role they need you to play in the moment (this is innocent most of the time). If you decide that it’s finally time to start making a change from your own center, one of two things will happen: either they will decide (on their own) to continue including you in their reality or they will find another “fly”. They found you, did they? It’s not because you are so special, but because they are. And powerful… just like you. Let go, and let you each spider weave their own web.

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