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Oneness shares, ego borrows

When you are trying to live your most authentic and happy experience, and manifest the life you want to boot, the key is to notice where you are coming from.

This “place” will either guarantee that you will move through layers of experience with unconditional connection to your well-being and being very intentional with your creativity, or you will painfully long for what you want, while making your well-being conditional upon achieving your dream, and creating situations that perpetuate your problems.

You can tell that your consciousness is wrapped in ego (identity - same as ego, but with a small distinction of being a kind of a creative force) if it’s always looking to borrow from the desired outcome. For example: I want this sexy person to love me, so I can feel wanted and sexy, too. (Don’t read into this example 😂, just something I recently talked to someone about).

A consciousness grounded in oneness doesn’t look for a piece that will come from the outside and complete it. It may want things in the world of form and it’s experienced can be enhanced but the person essentially feels okay, with or without the outside affirmation/support. The example, based on the example above: I feel alive and sexy. I want to share this with another human!

Why is this so important let go of flawed assumptions and come from oneness? Because in coming from a separate sense of self, it’s only an illusion that satisfaction is just around the corner. It may come and go, but consciousness that is separate always manifests a reality in which it will be separate and will continue striving for completeness. Identity (ego) has to be real in its own world.

If you you want to uncomplicate your life creation game and get more precise, look at your reality for instructions on how to enter oneness by releasing flawed ideas you mistake for who you are. This is what my whole book is about. The clues are in the reality we live — it is literally a mirror of our consciousness (it IS our consciousness)— in and in the fantasies we have about the life we want.

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