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If you have a question Anya can answer in the form of an email, go ahead, and make your purchase. You will be contacted with instructions in how to send in your question.  Anya can answer a limited amount of emails in one week. If the email answers are sold out, check back soon: a new set will be released when Anya has availability. Leave a message in the chatbox with your email address to be notified of availability.

If the question is about the book, send it in, but make sure you’ve read the book first :-) your answer may already be there! You get to ask one follow up question or a clarification (not a new question).


Refunds are only issued if Anya didn’t or couldn’t answer your question. If the question was answered, refund cannot be issued. Anya does her best to answer each question thoroughly!


The answers are for your personal use only and can’t be reproduced anywhere without Anya’s explicit permission.


Anya can answer questions about:

  • Identity work and the book “I am”
  • The difference between Identity Work and other transformative approaches
  • Life coaching questions
  • Questions about being on a spiritual path (dark night of the soul, awakening etc)
  • Anything else that you want Anya to answer!
  • The answer will arrive within 7 business days.

An email question with one follow up

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