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Anya Lincoln was born in Southern Russia and moved to the United States in 1999.

She worked as a professional artist for over 20 years.



​Having felt a spiritual calling since childhood, Anya became a life coach in 2012. In her mid-thirties, she had a profound spiritual experience that catapulted her personal consciousness into rapid growth and expansion. Her quest started with a period of deep psychological pain—what some may call “the dark night of the soul”— and lead her to years of meditating on the nature of reality, unconditional love, and our role in creating that reality.



The insights she gained in the process not only created much freedom and happiness in her life, but her reality itself transformed. Things like manifesting and synchronicity started to be a regular occurrence, long-standing patterns were shifting. More than that, people around her started transforming, as well.

The most exciting thing about all this change was that she was finally able to give words to what she knew since she was a little girl, bridging the gap between intellectual understanding and spiritual knowing.  Now Anya dedicates her time to teaching people how much power they actually have as creators of their own reality and how they can be unconditionally happy while creating the life they want. 

Anya lives in New Orleans, LA with her three daughters. 

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