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If you are looking for one-on-one weekly coaching and counseling, then working with Will McGreal is for you.

Will McGreal is the first life coach extensively trained in Identity Work. 

Will combines his intuitive talent with Identity work approach to achieve amazing breakthroughs with clients. Will works with his clients in the format of weekly sessions and one-time breakthrough sessions.

Will's website is


Anya offers conversations, depending on availability.

These conversations are exploratory and teaching in nature. They are perfect if you want support on your journey, want to gain deeper understanding of Identity Concept (and how it may apply to your life) and want to shed light on where you are getting in your own way. 

In person and via zoom. The cost of a zoom conversation is $250 and in person $300. 


Anya also offers mentoring opportunities. These engagements usually last 2-6 months and have a very limited availability. Please reach out for details. (via chat)

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