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Identity Work is a method of inquiry that investigates your world for the only thing that can truly change it - the thought or thoughts that organize and create that world, your Identity.

Identity is a deep, subconscious thought that one assumes about their own nature. It is not a limiting belief or an easily detected thought. It is something that you can only find by looking at the actual reality you live in, because Identity manifests as your reality inside and outside of you.

The uniqueness of Identity Work is that it addresses a relationship you have to both the experience of reality (thoughts, feelings, attitudes) and reality itself (relationships, money, work, etc). Identity Work shows a path to realizing oneness and connection to everything, to becoming unconditionally and independently happy, and creating whatever you want in life.


It's a path to enlightenment that isn't detached from real life. It's a path to realizing that you are your life -- all of it -- and you are a much more powerful creator than you ever dreamed.

Identity Work is transformative work - it is focused on dismantling major paradigms in your consciousness, and giving you access to a truly clean slate.

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