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Two walls of suffering

One way to ease suffering is to question your thinking and assumptions about the world.

There is a lot of relief to be found in seeing that our interpretation of what is happening is not a fixed thing. There is beauty and relief that can be found in recognizing that we experience the world through thought. And thought isn’t only ours, it is also never 100 percent

true. Thought Is a thing. And thing is never a “whole”. There is also relief in finding out that thinking is not mandatory. You don’t have to think, thus opening your mind and making it more receptive to new thought.

But, what I found is even more liberating (and building on the insights of trailblazers that teach the above) is that if you want complete freedom, not to be afraid of any thought, to play in this world full on without detaching from it, what needs to be looked at is the thoughts that we mistake for the unchangeable really of who we are.

Your consciousness was never meant to be confined to a form, only to be expressed through it.

Ask yourself: “who am I ?” based on what I have a problem with and let it go. You will find freedom you’ve never experienced before.

Read my book. Do the free inquiry in the bio (or on my website) (it’s a dip of a toe in the world of inquiry but it will be useful if you are feeling totally stuck and suffering.)

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