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What you actually need to focus on if you want real change

When I saw this, it blew my mind. And this is why I wrote the book.

Layers of reality are always organized around a single point. And this single point is you. If you’ve deeply assumed, or as I say in the book, incorporated something that doesn’t belong to your true nature into it (a thought - any thought that you mistake for who you are) your reality, by definition has to weave this thought-reality into its very real fabric. It is because who you are has to be real in the world you live in. Your world is literally your mirror, the extension of your own consciousness.

Within your reality there a negative and positive aspects. Usually we are so attached to this thought that mistake for ourselves, that we only identify with one side of experience, while projecting the other as outside of ourselves. For example, if you suffer from inner (and by extension) outer scarcity, there will be abundance in your world, but it will be “out there”, always separate from you, a positive to your negative, so to speak. For your personal reality to exist, both lack and abundance will need to exist side by side. You will be in lack but always reaching for something more out there. The “more” will appear not to belong to you.

We usually question only the interactions or the feelings inside of already created/existing reality. It seems like it’s the only possibility. But, if you really want to shift things, think about the push and pull of your life representing something much bigger — YOU. Or the thought that you mistake for who you are. Your I Am. The thought that makes you strive and never arrive.

Book is available in all formats! Audible, paper and ebook. Check Amazon, or buy it from this website :)

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