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Wearing many hats and how you don’t have to know what your purpose is to live it

Today I have been thinking of “wearing many different hats.” Spiritual author and teacher, artist, mom, community organizer (this is recent 😂) and I remember really, REALLY, really wanting to arrive at one thing that was my “calling and purpose”. It felt like it would be a relief of sorts to know exactly what I was “supposed” to do in the world.

Even as I was writing my book I had this fantasy that once it’s out in the world, once I say what I need to say, I can just do that one thing. Talk to people about possibility, consciousness and the very changeable nature of their reality. And this one thing would be, indeed, enough for me to feel like I am doing what I love and want in life.

As I was watching this internal conversation with myself, I noticed that I was still operating from a place that wants something, that is chasing something. I realized that one “hat”, the “right hat”, the one you could say is my purpose in life started representing some future state which, when found, will validate my existence :-) Identity 101 here.

What I see now is that “hats” aren’t the issue — it’s is that same thing of going after a state of completeness instead of coming from it. If you are grounded in that completeness, you can just meet life where it wants to meet you in the moment — and all of it is the expression of your purpose. This grounding in oneness (completeness) is exactly what allows one not to manage life, but by showing up to it consistently, give it time to develop into what “purpose” wants to shape it into. And it could very well be one thing or many — if you know you aren’t “how” this purpose shows up but a place where purpose comes from, you can do one thing or many, and always be on purpose.

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